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Truewind has extensive experience in developing projects using Java, mainly Java Enterprise Edition technologies. The delivering of significant enterprise applications for intranet and web has allowed a sales increase and an optimization the customer’s operations, which translates into a significant improvement in usability.

The differentiating factor of the Java services offered by Truewind comes from the support that the development and project management tools provide for an agile project management. The development process brings agile methodologies at all project levels and not only the management, giving developers tools that allow them to control their work, constantly monitoring its quality and technical excellence, allowing them to concentrate on the development of appropriate solutions to the business.
The tools used by Truewind offer agility to many levels of the project:
- Project management using the SCRUM methodology, focusing on the development in anticipation of the creation of value;
- Agility with quality, measuring software quality every day through automated tools;
- Extensive unit testing, ensuring that each of the system’s components will assume the specified behavior;
- Conjugation of the test coverage analysis with risk analysis, allowing the value maximization by investing in more extensive testing for high-risk components;
- The project is supported by a development process and tools that guarantee the quality of work and the continuous encouragement for the team to improve the software, with the best designs naturally emerging.
This development process and the tools that support it were adopted, applied and refined over several projects. This knowledge was reused and, together with several project accelerators that address specific development problems, it provides a rapid prototyping in short development cycles. This process and its results are tested and evaluated on an ongoing basis, creating an evolutionary dynamic as the teams participate in more projects.
Truewind offers the following services in Java technologies:
- Total project development from vision and requirements gathering, architecture and development, through to delivery and operation;
- Monitoring, supervision and project audit;
- Integration and systems migration;
- Integration of elements in project teams, complementing the team with knowledge and key skills;
The Truewind has experience in the following technologies:
- Enterprise applications, using Java Enterprise Edition (EJB3, JSP, Servlets, JSF and JMS), Jini, JDBC, JPA and JMX;
- Frameworks such as JSF, ADF, Struts, Spring, Seam;
- Desktop applications, using Swing, AWT, Applets and Java Web Start;
- Application server: Oracle WebLogic, Oracle OC4J, Websphere, JBoss AS, Tomcat;
- IDE's: Eclipse, JDeveloper, Netbeans.


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