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Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is an integrated suite of features that improves organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, overcoming barriers and simplifying the sharing of information to improve the vision of business. 

SharePoint supports a number of applications developed for intranet, extranet and web in one integrated platform, across the entire organization, rather than relying on fragmented systems. Additionally this collaboration and content management server provides to IT professionals and developers the platform and tools they need to carry out the administration, extent and interoperability of applications.

SharePoint can improve the way organizations work by providing:
- Centralized storage of shared files for better access, viewing and sharing;
- Advanced search features that provide instant access to any resource on the server;
- Authorization model that controls access to sensitive information;
- Simplified creation and maintenance of websites and web pages on the intranet of the organization, even when using existing content on the server.

Truewind has the expertise to support every stage of the life cycle of a solution based on SharePoint, from installation to platform configuration, including development, installation, maintenance and support of business applications.

The solutions developed using SharePoint include:
- Content management solutions;
- Automation of business processes (workflows);
- Collaborative workspaces;
- Productivity tools;
- Networks and social tools;
- Integration with other proprietary information systems or custom developed;
- Advanced applications development, fully embedded in the intranet;


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