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Oracle E-Business Suite

Truewind’s team accumulated multiple years of experience installing, configuring, customizing, extending and operating Oracle E-Business Suite applications in several business areas (financial, logistics, human resources, etc.) and customers in several markets (public administration, distribution, construction and manufacturing).
Using Oracle middleware components and combining its Oracle experience with other technologies, Truewind is able to offer the best solutions, regardless of the installed application basis being Java, .Net or OutSystems.
Oracle Database & Middleware

Oracle Database & Middleware

Truewind built a long history of supply and a solid reputation for quality and know-how using Oracle technology. With the skills to support the Customer in the design, development and implementation of the most appropriate solution for the organization, Truewind guides the customer throughout the lifecycle of the project, from requirements analysis to the training of end-users, ensuring that the resulting product is aligned with the needs of business and with the IT strategy.

Truewind consultants have significant experience in the following Oracle technologies:
- Oracle Database Server (since older versions and editions);
- Oracle Real Applications Clusters for high availability environments and error tolerance;
- Oracle Recovery Manager for backup and efficient recovery of databases;
- Oracle DataGuard for rapid recovery from a disaster at the production site;
- Oracle Database Vault for improved security;
- Oracle Enterprise Manager for cross-monitoring of all application systems;
- Oracle Fusion Middleware.

These technological skills provide the foundation for the development, installation and integration of enterprise systems using Oracle middleware technology, including:
- Application management, operation and optimization using Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle Application Server;
- Identity management using Oracle Internet Directory;
- Enterprise-class authentication using Oracle Single Sign-On;
- Development tools (Forms, Reports, JDeveloper, BI & W);
- Implementation, orchestration, operation and optimization of business processes, enabling an architecture strategy oriented to services using Oracle SOA Suite.

Truewind may also contribute to the creation of the client's internal project team, providing experienced elements, with strong team spirit and a broad scope, which work together in order to facilitate the management of the challenges posed by the project, shortening the learning curve of the customer’s team and reducing the project’s risk.

Oracle Audit and Services Optimization

Truewind can audit, test and diagnose any Oracle implementation, preventively or correctively, researching potential or actual problems, or just to assess the alignment of IT strategy with business objectives.

Actions for Oracle

Actions for Oracle is an extension to the OutSystems platform that enables applications built in OutSystems to fully leverage existing investments in legacy logic, previously developed in PL / SQL for Oracle Database.
Using Actions for Oracle, any OutSystems developer, even without knowing PL / SQL language or the details of the logic implemented in PL / SQL, can reuse this logic in its OutSystems application, using only the platform’s development tools and without the need to write code.
Actions for Oracle is a plugin for OutSystems Integration Studio that increases the functionality of this tool by generating the extensions that allow the usage of stored procedures and functions declared and implemented in Oracle. The tool simplifies the development of new web interfaces or new channels with customers and suppliers, providing new flexibility to the business, but maintaining the reliability and quality of the tested central business logic, in which customers trust. 

Main benefits:
- Agility in changing business processes supported by applications with a strong component in Oracle database (especially the extent of processes implemented in Oracle E-Business Suite);
- Agility in the creation of solutions that integrate legacy processes;
- Flexibility and scalability to support constantly changing requirements.

A demonstration of Actions for Oracle is present in this video.


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