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QlikView offers a new approach to Business Intelligence: the Business Discovery. Providing a self-service BI for the user, Business Discovery simplifies decision-making and puts implementation and prototyping speed first. According to Gartner, "QlikView is the poster child for a new end-user-driven approach to BI”. With more than 28,000 customers in 100 countries, Business Discovery offers access from anywhere and at any time through its availability on mobile devices.
Business Discovery enables the release of IT professionals from many routine tasks, ensuring that they can focus on their core competencies such as: data setting, data and application management, infrastructure supply and monitoring. This approach becomes more instantaneous for users, enabling them to optimize business through better decision-making.
Truewind, through its partnership and representation of QlikTech in Portugal, holds a team of professionals able to focus on this new approach in the world of BI, creating much broader analysis solutions that better satisfy their customers, allowing them to more effectively manage their business.
QlikView allows:
- Information consolidation from multiple systems in order to facilitate the organization’s management;
- Particularly serve all key users in all levels of management, including administration and department directions;
- Integration of critical business information - finance, management control, production, logistics and commercial - to provide permanent data analysis.
QlikView differentiating elements:
- Natural Analytics – adaptation to user’s natural way of thinking;
- Associative Model - multiple associations allow different points of view, which results in a true exploration and discovery experience of the business;
- Speed ​​to Value – fast prototype building, rapid value acquisition for the organization and easy scalability;
- Apps deployment model - easy to reuse objects and speed deliveries;
- Governance - centralized control in the IT department without removing the flexibility for users.
As QlikTech and its vision of Business Discovery, combined with a consumer experience based on simplicity, Truewind also has the ability to distribute a BI customer experience focused on the users and their gains. The innovation and reconfiguration of the market guides Truewind’s BI vision, allowing extraordinary results and productivity gains for its customers.


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