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SugarCRM is the world's third largest supplier of CRM, with more than 1.2 million users in over 80.000 companies. Community version is the worldwide most used Open Source CRM platform, allowing tremendous flexibility and adaptability to any business needs. With no licensing and maintenance costs, the platform is regularly updated and there is a fairly wide knowledge base that responds to most issues related to the use of the tool and to more advanced topics, such as customization and administration. 
Truewind has already implemented more than 15 projects of customization and integration of the Community version. The system became the central point of access to all business information, simplifying the control, management and coordination of the customer’s company. Once the platform is 100% web, it works on any internet browser and operating system, which allows great flexibility to access the system.

SugarCRM's main advantages:
- Assignment of tasks alerts and reminders;
- Email processing;
- Creation of target lists;
- Management of marketing campaigns and newsletters;
- Customizable pages by users;
- Occurrence management;
- Document repository;
- High configurability;
- Increased productivity;
- Quality of service;
- Interaction with customers;
- Knowledge of customer habits;
- Closer relationship with the client;
- Identification of potential customers;
- Analysis of active and inactive customers;
- Easy to adapt to the business.

By providing a CRM developed using this technology, Truewind positions itself for ease of creation, management, integration and configuration, adapting the system to the customer’s business in a quick and easy way, with reduced infrastructure. 


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