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Truewind is the result of a merge between TW Partners and eChiron’s Software Services Unit in 2010. Truewind is a Portuguese company, majority-owned by its management team.

Chiron was founded in 1996 in the context of UNINOVA (Institute of the Faculty of Science and Technology, New University of Lisbon), in response to a project for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center. Chiron was born as a company specialized in software and complex information systems development, with the capability to store, process and analyse many types of data, from text, to numbers, images and geographic information.

The first NASA project was focused on the development of the Environmental Information System for the Kennedy Space Center (MAPS), in cooperation with Dynamac. Since 1997, Chiron has developed a wide range of projects in Portugal, including central information systems for many organizations, in the public and private sector.

TW Partners was created in 2008, focusing on agile software development and implementation of support contracts based on service levels. TW Partners’ value proposition found market acceptance that led to a significant growth of its turnover, repeatedly achieving and strengthening the Customer’s trust.

In 2009, TW Partners acquired the mobility skill, ensuring the necessary scope for embracing enterprise software development projects in an integrated way.  



  • The Company

    Founded in 1996
  • The People

    100 staff
  • 13,2%

    Compound Annual Rate (2010-14)
  • 150

  • Net Promoter Score

    (Source: 47 interviews – 2014)
  • 4,5%

    Average Employee Turnover (2010-14)
  • Muti-Geography

    London, Brazil and Portugal Nearshore for Europe
  • Over 3.000

    Training Hours per Year


    Certifications and Awards


    9 Perseverance Works 
    Kingsland Road
    London E2 8DD

    +44 755 351 0942 


    Ed. Mar Vermelho
    Av. D. João II
    50, 3rd 
    1990-095 Lisbon

    +351 210 990 550
    ​+351 215 843 559



    Av. Conselheiro Aguiar, 2333
    Room 404
    Boa Viagem, Recife - PE
    CEP: 51111-011

    +55 81 99700-9182

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