Award supports Truewind strategy to be OutSystems’s top partner by 2020

Lisbon, March 9th, 2017- Truewind, the IT consultancy focused on managing and delivering software with at unprecedented speed, counting over 20 years of experience, has just received  «Portuguese Top Partner Certified Portuguese Team 2016» OutSystems Award. Recognising Truewind as the Portuguese partner team with the largest number of OutSystems certifications.

As an OutSystems Premier Partner, the top level of the OutSystems partnership program, this award encourages the company strategy of being the best global OutSystems partner in 2020. Currently, Truewind has over 50 professionals specialised in OutSystems technology (95% of which certified as Expert Developer, Professional Developer or Associate Developer), over 250 OutSystems Projects successfully delivered, 2 OutSystems delivery centres serving different global time zones and 100% growth of the OutSystems team over the last 5 years.

The Top Certified Team award recognises partners with a technical team certified on all profiles. Truewind has an experienced team of Developers (certified by OutSystems on the different Developer profiles), in particular, a number of Expert Developers, the top certification for this profile. Truewind proves a high level of technical expertise that reflects real project hands-on experience and delivery of quality applications to our customers.
Catarina Santos
OutSystems Regional Channel Manager

The award is especially relevant as it recognised the merit of the Portuguese team, operating in a mature OutSystems market among very competitive players. The interconnected way in which Truewind operates, allocating professionals from its delivery centres to service its customers globally on the basis of the best fit for the role required in every project ensures that the know-how and experience recently awarded by OutSystems are available to all our customers around the world.

We know our success is closely related to the investment that we make in the team: it’s the one thing that provides customer satisfaction and fosters companies’ trust, in Portugal and around the world. So we invested and will continue to invest heavily in training our consultants on the OutSystems technology. It is a great honour to have our top partner recognising the results of this effort. This award reflects the importance we give to team skills, quality and Truewind’s ability to excel in projects development and delivery. A qualified team is a differentiating factor because credibility and professionalism are attributes that weigh a lot when a potential customers chooses an OutSystems partner to work with.
Helder Faria
Truewind Portugal General Manager

Truewind is an IT consultancy, a leader in providing agile software solutions to address the business challenges of its clients. Truewind has a vast experience connecting businesses to technology in healthcare, finance and government organisations. Operating from the UK, Portugal and Brazil, Truewind holds a premium track record delivering innovative digital transformation, customer engagement and corporate performance management platforms.

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