Thrivent Financial created a new brand—Thrivent student Resources (TSR)—to reach new customers and help students plan, prepare, and pay for college. They needed to develop a fresh site that could reflect this new business identity and provide critical resources to students, college graduates and their families.


Thrivent Financial is a mission-driven financial services company that encourages its members to “be wise with money”. Thrivent was aware of the massive debt burden that students often incur when making a college decision without the full knowledge of their loan and financial aid options. The launch of this new brand was a major priority for Thrivent and the organization wanted to build a new consumer-facing website in just under three months.


Provide a consumer-facing channel for the new brand;

Extend reach among Millennials and Gen-Z to drive new memberships;

Guide students to be wise with money as early as possible;

Create an engaging set of tools that help students make better decisions;

Key Figures


4 developers

33% development time saved 

 3 months

65,000+ page views,
2 weeks after launch

20 million potential subscribers

15,000+ sessions
2 weeks after launch

 We wouldn’t be achieving our business goals without this site. This is the primary way we’re engaging with our customers and introducing them to our new brand. (...) Everyone [at Truewind and Highland] was very clear on what we set out to do. We worked with an incredibly high-calibre team that was able to ebb and flow as things changed.

Thrivent  CMO


Thrivent Student Resources created a new website to help students better understand the real cost of higher education so that they could minimize (or avoid) student loan debt. Throughout the project, Highland and Truewind acted as a single integrated team. With a joint commitment to the project's success, we worked together following the Kanban methodology, allowing us to rapidly adapt to revisions in business goals and new learnings about user needs.

Our practice of collecting ongoing user feedback and testing site features before fully building them out saved TSR an estimated $35,000 in development costs. To deliver this project, Thrivent increased its OutSystems in-house capacity using Truewind’s certified development team. This was key in developing a robust content management system (CMS) to easily create, edit, and publish content on the site by a team of content and marketing managers. Because Thrivent was already using OutSystems, the simplicity of a low-code development platform made it easier for marketers, developers, and designers to collaborate on content in order to meet their shared goal of delivering a robust website in a short timeframe.


The TSR website was launched before its anticipated deadline to a potential audience of 20 million students across the United States. In just 3 months, using the OutSystems low-code platform, all planned and additional requested functionalities were built and implemented. Thrivent estimated this project would have taken three times longer using a traditional development approach.

Only two weeks after the website launched, TSR had already reached over 65,000 page views and over 15,000 unique sessions, greatly exceeding team’s expectations. Highland, Truewind, and Thrivent are continuing to work together on the next iteration of TSR website. We are currently in the process of building a journey-based dashboard which will guide students based on where they are on their own path to college, as well help TSR measure the how much money students have saved on college costs by using their resources.